We believe your clothing represents who you are, and we firmly believe in the right of every individual to express their personality. We’re committed to redefining urban and suburban stereotypes into a fresh and innovative line that our generation can appreciate. The basis of our inspiration is heritage, individual roots, struggle, passion and determination which comprise the first word Kulture. The will to never give up and make a difference is our imprint. Collectively we are Kulture Ink – “A Mark Made Under Pressure”.



Kulture Ink (established 2010) is a fresh new clothing line dedicated to promoting individuality and style. We are committed to delivering our clients with an experience, not just fabrics. Based in the DMV (DC, Maryland, Virginia) our network is vast and stretches all around the globe so our customers can feel assured they are getting the most premium quality.



Kulture Ink is dedicated to helping out entrepreneurs and small business owners. Help us help you – need a logo, accessories? Maybe you have an idea for some clothing? We even offer small business consultancy services. No matter how big or how small you’re need might be – reach out to us, we’re here to help.